Classic H3 Series Copper Range Hood

SINDA copper range hood collection

Classic H3 Series copper range hoods are our best sale, which almost fit every style kitchen. This style of the copper range hood never goes out of style. Based on the H3, feel free to add straps and rivets and custom the apron according to your needs to make it to be your own style range hood.

Mounting Type: Wall Mount Range Hood, Island Mount Range Hood, Under Cabinet Range Hood

Ventilation Options:

Internal Motor Vs Remote Blower Vs Recirculating Through Hood (Ductless Conversion)

Free Standard Shipping IN THE U.S: 8-10 Weeks Delivery after Receipt of Approved Hood Drawings. Free standard door-to-door shipping within the United States.

Expedited Shipping Available Worldwide: 5-7 Weeks Delivery after Receipt of Approved Hood Drawings. Express Shipping is Available in Canada and Other Countries.

More Info: Size Guide; Buying Guide; Free Samples; Apron and Finishes Design; Installation Guide; Maintenance Information