Thor 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel


Explore a comfort zone for food, beverages and frozen essentials with Thor 36in stainless steel French door refrigerator. Featuring two freezer drawers, a full-width chiller drawer and a Dual Cooling system, Thor refrigerator always servers you with fresh delicacies without an effort.


Features & Functions:

Large storage capacity
20.7 cubic meters of super flexible storage space allows you to place more food at one time to achieve the purpose of freshness, presenting you the perfect states of the food. The gallon door storage inside the refrigerator creates extra-large storage space for milk, juice and other beverages.
Showcase LED lighting
Equipped with efficient LED lighting equipment throughout the interior, Thor refrigerator ensures the best visual conditions for any stored cooling items.
Dual cooling system
Designed to prevent food spoilage and refrigerator burning issues, Dual Cooling System Played the most crucial role in providing the perfect humidity for the interior of the refrigerator.
Automatic Ice maker
The best choice for fans of ICE! A slight press of button could achieve your demand of ice which enriches the drinks.
Door alarm
An alarm on the refrigerator door will notify you if the refrigerator door is left open for too long to avoid loss of electricity.
Adjustable racks and shelves
Adjustable racks and retractable shelves allows you to maximize the perfect use of all storage space to easily match the placement of all items.
Freezer drawers
Two separate large-capacity freezer drawers which could hold meat or frozen food make finding and accessing your essentials effortless.
Stainless steel finish
Stainless steel surface with strong fingerprint and stain resistance stand out in any kitchens,refreshing various kitchens with its beautiful appearance and practical functions,

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