SINDA Classic Kitchen Copper Backsplash Handmade Elegant Wall Art

SKU: SO-Classic Series

The patterns SINDA offers are always the most novel and peculiar among peers. We provide a variety of patterns in different styles for you to choose from. We can also customize your own exclusive pattern for you. The unique visual enjoyment brought by decorative backsplash tile with European patterns adds a retro touch to your home. SINDA Design never goes out of style!

Superior Material

Made of pure virgin copper, which maintains durable and long-lasting features in different temperatures and environments. SINDA copper backsplash purely handmade offers timeless beauty and elegance to your kitchen. As a stunning addition to a wide variety of kitchens, every piece of the backsplash is a unique copper artwork that can’t be replaceable.


It's inevitable that oil spills out and contaminates your walls while you are cooking. Prevent your tiles or walls from getting with grease by installing a SINDA copper backsplash. Just take a quick wipe of the surface of it to get rid of the oil stain easily.

Copper is often used as decoration along with other tiles to entertain you while cooking, install it in the kitchen or bathroom, or hang it on the wall as a piece of Unique copper wall art is also an excellent choice, a backsplash can also be a great addition to the exterior of the courtyard to show your taste of Art.

Free Customized service

Copper is a softer metal, which means it can be easily worked into different patterns and designs. SINDA provides quality and efficient Customized services, which is perfect for those who are willing to achieve pursue unique and better option for customers with special needs. Customized backsplashes allow you to match different textures and patterns to show your own style in the details.

The copper used for your copper backsplash is pure Virgin Copper, and has been treated with a clear lacquer sealant, which provides extra protection to the patina and to the copper surface. Yet it is important to remember that even the strongest lacquer cannot take the place of responsible care and
maintenance. Kindly note the maintenance information below to properly care for your copper product.

Caring for copper products is easy, as they require very little maintenance.

● For regular, simple cleaning, use mild NON-ACIDIC liquid detergent or soap and water and a very soft non-abrasive cotton cloth; other cleaners are not necessary. We recommend a PH-balanced liquid dishsoap such as Ivory, avoiding harsh detergents such as Dawn/Palmolive etc. For occasional deeper
disinfecting, a non-abrasive, non-corrosive cleaner may be used, such as diluted Simple Green.

● Do not use copper polish/cleaners, abrasive materials, acidic or abrasive cleaners (such as Comet/Soft Scrub) or harsh chemicals such as acetone – these will compromise the integrity of the Lacquer Finish and can ruin the surface of the backsplash.

● As copper is a natural metal, it will naturally patina slightly with use, over time, and the copper backsplash will develop a warmer, richer patina. The backsplash will not turn green as the lacquer is protective.

● As all copper products are individually handcrafted and made-to-order, minor variations in patinas, textures, and dimensions of your copper product should be anticipated.