Thor 24 Inch Stainless Steel Built-in Dishwasher

$1,034.10 Regular price $1,149.00
Stay your lasted focus on Thor timesaving and multifunctional stainless steel dishwasher with built-in stylish design. Dedicated to providing savings in money, time and effort, Thor 24in dishwasher works miracles on a lots of extremely dirty dishes to offer you a truly smart life.

Smart wash system
Equipped with a smart wash system, allowing the automatic detection of dirty dishes with a soil sensor and adjustment of the cycle required for normal cleaning to ensure the cleanliness of every washed plate.

A quiet 45 dbas
45 decibels provide you the perfect opportunity for both entertaining and cleaning at the same time, freeing you from noise and disturbance.

Powerful spray arms
Four powerful and efficient spray arms provide the perfect water source for an accurate cleaning of every greasy plate, presenting you a healthy life without an effort.

Adjustable racks
Aiming to accommodate more dishes and larger containers, Thor dishwasher is designed with multiple adjustable racks that could be easily remove or resettle in the interior. Detachable dining baskets make it easy to place and remove dishes.

Fingerprint resistant
Decorated with stainless steel finish, Thor dishwasher featuring fingerprint and stain resistant offers a timeless beauty for any kitchens.

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