Thor 30 Inch Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven

SKU: HEW3001

Imagine owning a unique electric oven with a delicate and timeless design that perfectly blends form and function. Thor 30 Inch stainless steel wall oven meets all your fantasies with its enhanced features and powerful functionalities. The large capacity of 4.8 cubic foot oven features a wide range of different functions for baking, convection baking, convection roast, broil, heating and treating like a professional Chef.


Features & Functions:

Touch glass control panel

Touch glass control panel advanced and exquisite appearance with easy cleaning features, making perfect control and cleaning without an effort.
Multiple convection bake

The convection baking function optimizes the distribution of heat and provides faster cooking time, thanks to the uniform heat circulating by the internal fans.
Hidden Bake Element

Baking elements hidden under the floor of the oven allows hard-to-reach areas accessible, easily collecting any spills for making the oven easier to clean.
Large Oven Capacity

With a large capacity of 4.8 cubic foot which is designed for family meals, providing you with maximum flexibility to create multiple dishes of all sizes.
Stainless steel exterior

Exterior stainless steel and glass finish with strong fingerprint and stain resistance stand out in any kitchens, Refreshing various kitchens with its beautiful appearance and practical functions.
Power& control

Different heats from 3000W to 3500W allow you to control the oven and master any meal to the perfection, Whether it's a big family dinner or a get-together with friends.
Self-cleaning function

Highly efficient wall oven features self-cleaning function that perfectly was designed for saving time and effort for the family, providing a long-term maintenance.
 White LED display

A vital foundation for a smooth and enjoyable cooking process is the white LED panel which is clear, easy to read and displays the accurate time.


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