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Stainless Steel Range Hood Buying Guide

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Some Thoughts on Style
Often range hood is used only as kitchen appliances, not as kitchen decorations. In such a case, stainless steel range hoods make a more subtle statement while the right hood style for your kitchen takes the starring role.

The stainless steel range hood can be the jewelry of the kitchen, an important appliance to help with your everyday cooking tasks. To help narrow down your choice from the seemingly infinite range of SINDA, here’s a guide to choosing the right stainless steel range hood for your kitchen.


Range Hood Mounting Options
First of all, you need to consider the layout of your kitchen. Then choose a right mounting option for your kitchen.

  • Under cabinet range hood - They are mounter to the underside of a cabinet situated above your range.
  • Wall mount range hood - This type is mounted to the wall above. This is the right option for if there is no cabinets set above your range.
  • Island mount range hood - This type of range hood mounting style is the best way to ventilate your kitchen if you have an island cook-top. They are mounted to the ceiling above your island.


Size Guide

We recommended stainless steel range hood should be 30"- 36" above cook-top and stainless steel range hood width should be the same width of cook-top or up to 6" large. 

Here's picture showing you how to choose the right size.

sinda copper stainless steel range hood size guide

Before purchasing stainless steel range hood make sure you measure the space.


If you do a lot of cooking, you should have a fan that offers a good amount of power to take in the unwanted smoke and odors.

The basic rule of thumb that you need 100CFM for every 10” of stove/ cooktop width, so if your stove/ cooktop is 36” then you will need at least 300 CFM:
36”/10” wide stove x 100 = 360 CFM

There are some factors that may lead you to want have a range hood with a higher CFM.
When island mount range hood for your kitchen,a range hood with higher CFM is recommended since there is no wall or backdrop near the cooking area to funnel the smoke and air.



sinda copper ventilation

  • Internal motor remove the cooking odors into the open air in exterior of the home. This ventilation more effective than ductless ones, but they are more complex to install and costly in the upfront.
  • Ductless is a closed system that remove as much of the cooking odors as possible with the help of filters. And this system need to replace recirculating filters regularly to ensure the hood performs well.
  • A remote blower is an insert fan system that puts the motor in the attic instead of in the range hood. The advantage of a remote blower is it is quieter than an insert fan located inside a range hood.



SINDA offer custom design service - Almost every stainless steel range hood you can choose the straps & rivets you like. Also you can send us your favorite range hood pictures, we can customize it for you.



SINDA will provide free finishes samples to ensure you get the actual colors of stainless steel range hoods. 

sinda stainless steel sample 

Order free sample, please click here.


Straps & Rivets

sinda copper stainless steel straps and rivets


If you have any custom ideas, drawings and questions, please feel free contact us.

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  • Roberta Sheehan

    I would love to get a quote on a custom range hood. I can send pictures of hoods and an idea of what I’m looking for but I have no idea what specs you need from me. We are building a new home. I have asked the builder to help me provide the specs you would need to give us a quote

    Thank you
    Roberta Sheehan

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