Shopping at Sinda is easy. Simply follow the steps below. 


Sinda Copper Range Hood/ Stainless Steel Range Hood Buying Process


Select the product you want through the category at the top of the website home page or through the product image collage on the website home page.
sinda how to order 1
Click product images to get product information including product detail information.
sinda how to order 2


① Select the width, height, ventilation, mount type, color, texture, apron design and shipping method if necessary. For some items, we have a guide to help you, click here.

Click on “ADD to CART”

sinda how to order 3

Click the “Cart button” to review the item(s) selected and make some modifications if necessary.

Click on “CHECK OUT” if you are ready to place the order.
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Final approval - We will provide a detailed Auto Cad drawing of your range hood to get approval for production.
sinda copper range hood drawing


We will begin to process your order upon receipt of your payment and an email will be sent to you for order confirmation. Normally we will provide a detailed Auto Cad drawing of your products to get approval for production.