Curve H9 Series Custom Copper Kitchen Hood

H9 Series Curve Copper Kitchen Hood is a stunning representative of our classic flow curve shape with elegant hammered touches. If you are embarking on a new kitchen and looking for a curve kitchen hood, this design will be just right for you! Contact Us to build your luxury copper kitchen hood.

Color: Antique Copper, Natural Copper, Oil Rubbed Bronze & Vintage Copper
Texture: Smooth, Light Hammered, Beehive Hammered
Size: Any custom sizes are available (Get a free custom quote)
Mounting Type: Wall Mount Range Hood, Island Mount Range Hood, Under Cabinet Range Hood
Ventilation Options: Internal Motor Vs Remote Blower Vs Recirculating Through Hood (Ductless Conversion) Vs Hood Only
Shipping: Free shipping on all orders; Expedited shipping available. Learn more about Shipping Policy.

SINDA High End Custom Kitchen Hood H9 in Antique Copper I Fully Customizable I SINDA Copper
Antique Copper Curve Copper Range Hood H9 I Free Custom Design I SINDA Copper

SINDA Curve Copper Kitchen Hood - H9


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Curve Copper Kitchen Hood H9A with Handcrafted Patter Design I Free Shipping I SINDA Copper
Hammered Antique Copper Range Hood with Customizable Pattern Design I SINDA Copper

SINDA Curve Copper Kitchen Hood - H9A


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SINDA Vintage Bell Shape Decorative Copper Custom Kitchen Hood - Free Shipping - SINDA Copper
SINDA Top Ranked Vintage Style Decorative Copper Custom Vent Hood - Free Custom Design - SINDA Copper

SINDA Vintage Copper Range Hood - H9S


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You May Want To Know

Why SINDA Copper Range Hoods?

Handcrafted Excellence: Each copper hood is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring unique designs that reflect your personal style and elevate your cooking space.

Premium Quality: We use premium 16 gauge pure copper, known for its durability, natural antibacterial properties.

Customization: Tailor your copper vent hood to perfectly fit your kitchen's design with fully customizable options in size, shape, finish, and decorative elements.

Enhanced Ventilation: Our hammered copper range hoods are engineered for superior performance, providing efficient ventilation that keeps your kitchen fresh and free from smoke and odors.

Eco-Friendly: Copper is a sustainable and recyclable material, making our vent hoods an environmentally conscious choice for your home.

Whether you prefer a modern look or a classic rustic charm, our designs cater to all tastes, ensuring your kitchen stands out with elegance and distinction.

Explore our gallery to find inspiration and start to DIY your unique masterpiece for your kitchen!