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Some features of Sinda copper range hood

Crown Moldings

Crown moldings are formed by hand enhance the look, enjoyment, and overall value of the copper range hood.Custom crown molding is created to best blend in and add to the style of design. A wide range of options allows you to find the perfect match to the style of the kitchen it resonates.
sinda copper range hodo crown welding


Straps and Rivets

Straps and rivets are a perfect way to add handcraft aesthetics to any custom range hoods. Our designers will add straps and rivets of different sizes and materials based on the style of the copper range hood to create a unique artwork.

sinda copper straps and rivets

Apron Design

The apron relief design is a great way to add artistic flare to any custom range hood. Our relief design is done by skilled artisans, not by machine pressing.
The unique apron pattern is highlighted on the copper hood, which can add a touch of your personality even more in the kitchen.

sinda copper apron design


Each of our copper products are handcrafted by skilled artisans who have been working with copper for decades. Each copper products is unique, and you can hardly find any two products that are exactly alike in SindaCopper.

sinda copper hand hammered


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