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Some Tips to Clean and Care Your Copper Products

Whether you’ve got some of tarnished copper range hood or copper sink, these cleaning tips will have your copper treasures looking brand spanking new.

About SINDA copper products:
Your copper products has been treated with a clear lacquer sealant that is tarnish resistant.

Do not use copper polish/cleaners, abrasive materials, acidic or abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals such as acetone, which will compromise the integrity of the integrity of the lacquer finish.

Since copper is a natural metal, you will need to apply a coating of wax regularly to prevent a patina will developing or drastically.

Items you will need:

Mild non-acidic liquid detergent or soap 
Soft non-abrasive cotton cloth
Warm water
Beeswax or carnauba wax
(For occasional deeper disinfecting, a non-abrasive, non-corrosive cleaner may be used.)


Maintenance process:

  • Use warm water, mild non-acidic liquid detergent or soap and soft non-abrasive cotton cloth to remove any grease or grime.
  • Use washing action in similar pattern as the texture of copper products.
  • Polish up with a soft, dry cloth once finished washing.
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