Three Points to Choosing Range Hood for Open Kitchen

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Now more and more families choose to use open kitchen, so that cooking is changed from a simple housework to a family communication activity. However,the requirements of open kitchen for a range hood have increased. Here are key points of purchasing and hope to help you .


Nice appearance

Compared with enclosed kitchen, range hoods in open kitchens are displayed and usually they trend to be larger,which can attract everyone’s eyes .So when buying a range hood, a nice appearance is very important.

copper range hood-sindacopper

copper range hood-sinda copper


The suction power of range hood

The open kitchen also has high requirements for the suction and discharge of oil fume. If the range hood can not suck the oil fume in time, it will cause the smell of oil fume throughout the house where no one want to stay in .So the suction power is something you have to consider.

suction power of range hood-sindacopper


Low noise

Generally,open kitchens are often connected to the dining room or living room. If the noise is too loud, it will definitely affect other spaces.So you need to take this point into your consideration when you are choosing a range hood.

noise meter-sinda copper

The highest speed of Sinda Copper range hoods only reach 69 decibels , which is almost like coffee maker. Rest assured that your new range hood will not be interrupting your dinner room or when you’re helping with homework .

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