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Three types of ventilation for custom range hoods

 A range hood, which is generally regarded as a common and important household appliance for all kinds of kitchens, has been came into view with the powerful performance and unique design. For whom pursue the uniqueness for the various kitchens, SINDA provide the most perfect and unique customized options for unparalleled range hoods. 

Depending on the design of your kitchen, you may consider the location of the ductwork and ventilation when purchasing SINDA range hoods. Three of the most common types of ventilation would be mentioned in the following blog for reference.

Internal Motor (Motor in Hood)  

Generally, the internal motor is installed in the range hood, based on the duct through the kitchen, venting the smoke and odor from the kitchens. Ducting the unpleasant smoke to the outside is the best option to keep the kitchen air clean and healthy. However, the main cons are the limitations of installation location, as it must be installed in an area where there is a duct system and the louder noises compared with a remote blower.

Remote Blower (Motor in Attic)

The remote blower is generally installed in the middle or the end of the ventilation ductwork, which allows the whole ventilation process to be more quietly and efficiently to offer you a clean and fresh air.
Remote blowers are a great solution if you plan to have guests in your kitchen often and looking for a very quiet kitchen fan. However, due to the unique performance, it is much more expensive than the other two kinds of ventilation system.

Ductless Conversion Option:

Refer to the ductless kitchens, ductless conversion is the best option which allows to be installed in anywhere of the range hood. Since a ductless range hood will recirculate the air in it and throughout the kitchen, it is considered to be the most convenient ventilation system with the efficiency and high-performance.However, with the ductless models, the requirement is that the activated charcoal filter needs to be cleaned or changed regularly for a healthier kitchen.

Custom Hood Only Option:

For customers who already own a ventilation system, specific custom options would be offered on SINDA to match with the various original vent system. Do not hesitate to explore the purely handcrafted custom range hood with the best ideal price on SINDA!


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