Why Choosing A Copper Kitchen Sink?

Nowadays, copper kitchen sinks are becoming more and more popular in many houses. Although their cost is higher , a growing number of homeowners are going for handmade copper sinks because of their antimicrobial properties, unique designs and long-lasting durability.

Copper is a metal that will not corrode or rust, so that many homeowners are interested in it. Besides, as copper gets older, it develops a beautiful patina even if it is not regularly polished. This is because copper’s aging process is not similar to that of other types of metal. But SINDA copper sink has been treated with a clear lacquer sealant that is tarnish resistant.

Moreover, copper has natural antibacterial properties that stainless steel or ceramic sinks don't have. This can lead to a much healthier and cleaner kitchen environment.

Handcrafted copper kitchen sinks can also add a classic style to any home and customers can choose to have custom-designed sink following their own specifications.

SINDA is one of the leading providers of handcrafted copper products. Contact us today to start designing a sink for your kitchen!

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