Q: About order and delivery and COVID-19 virus:

SindaCopper is still taking orders and offering free shipping worldwide. However, lead time may be longer than usual. (Lead time is about 10 weeks during the COVID-19)


Q: I am missing the range hood mounting bracket. How do we mount the motor with no bracket?

The mounting bracket (mounting plate) is only needed when the vent is installed separately. Since our vent is installed inside the copper hood (stainless steel hood), it does not require additional brackets.
Please push the vent liner into the hood aligning the vent liner with the interior frame of the copper hood (stainless steel hood) as desired. Than, use self tapping screws to drill through the inside of the vent liner into the copper frame of the hood. Make sure not to puncture the outside of the hood. Please refer to our range hood installation guide for more information.


Q: Does the ductless copper hoods look any different from the sides or front? Is there Holes on the side of the hood?

Usually, we will set a duct opening on the left side of the ductless copper hoods, as shown below. If you need to set the duct opening on the right side of the hood, please let me know.

sinda ductless copper range hood


Q: Which countries do you provide free international shipping?

We provide free shipping to most countries around the world, such as Canada, Australia, Spain, Russia, Poland, Italy, etc., (but the shipping time may be longer). If you want to know the delivery time of different countries/regions, please email to support@sindacopper.com


Q: How difficult is it to install a copper range hood if none of the duct work or roof venting exists?

May be you can use ductless range hoods, since they don't need to vent to your home's exterior and are ductless, you are not required to install them only where there is a duct.
The ductless range hoods operate by filtering the air they suck in and blowing it back out into the room, essentially using a recirculation process.


Q: Do you offer a lifetime warranty on the copper hood cover?

Yes, Sinda Copper offers a lifetime warranty for the copper hood cover. And we also offer the following warranty from the date of purchase:

  • 2–year limited warranty for the hood liner/insert
  • 10–year limited warranty for the motor/blower

To learn more, please click here.


Q: How can I see your finishes so I can match my other finishes? Do you send samples?

Free samples would be available for customers who buy any copper range hood or copper sink by sinda copper, so you can best choose which finish works best with all your other finishes, please click here


Q: Is the front look the same all around in an island mounted unit?

Yes, the front looks the same all around in an island mount.


Q: How many colors and textures of each range hood?

There are altogether 3 colors and 3 textures of each copper range hood, based on which there are 9 combinations, which are: Smooth-Natural copper, Smooth-Antique copper, Smooth-Oil rubbed bronze, Light hammered-Natural copper, Light hammered-Antique copper, Light hammered-Oil rubbed bronze, Beehive-Natural copper, Beehive-Antique copper, Beehive-Oil rubbed bronze.


Q: Is it copper or copper alloy?

The material of all the copper products offered by SINDA is pure virgin copper instead of copper alloy, which is the material advantage of our corporation, we spray varnish on each of our copper products to prevent them from oxidation, which makes our copper products looks more shiny and luxury than others’.


Q: Is expedite shipment available?

Yse, Sinda Copper provide expedite shipping on all orders, the delivery time for each customized items takes only 4-5 weeks. But we need to charge extra freight for the range hood. For more shipping information, please click here.


Q: Can I install copper range hood by myself?

We don't recommend that you install copper range hood by yourself, and you can hire a pro to install it for you.


Q: How often should I clean the copper range hood filter?

The cleaning frequency vary depending on how often do you cook. Generally speaking, washing them once a month is enough to keep them clean.The maintenance is quite simple, just remove the filter and place them in the dish washer, add a mild detergent and then you are done.


Q: How can I order a ductless version?

On the detail page of the copper range hood, you will see a drop-down box of hood ventilation types, and then you can choose the ductless version you want.


Q: What materials are used in your hoods or sinks?

All of our products are made from 14-16 gauge 99.9% pure copper sheet with NO lead.Unlike other company,we only use newly mined copper instead recycled copper. They are handmade by skilled artisans at our workshop,so each item is unique.


Q: Should the top of that hood actually hit the ceiling?

Not necessarily. If you order the ductless range hood, it can be mounted anywhere. If your air exhaust vent is on the ceiling or close to the ceiling, we recommend that the top of the range hood hit the ceiling.


Q: How to track my order?

We will send your tracking number after the orders are processed and shipped out.


Q: Will my copper sink or copper hood change color over time?

Your copper hood will never change color. We use a very strong clear coat to protect the finished color and patina. We use the same clear coat on our sinks.


Q: Can the fan be vented out the back through the external wall versus out the top through the attic?

Since the back of the range hoods is open. Therefore, the fan can either vent out the back through the external wall and vent out the top through the attic.


Q: Can I use flexible duct for a range hoods?

We don’t recommend you to use flexible duct for a range hood. Flexible duct is a poor investment because it is:

  • Not durable/sturdy
  • Made of cheap materials
  • Flimsy
  • Difficult to maintain

So regardless of the CFM of your range hood, you should avoid using flexible duct for your range hood.


Q: Do you support the deposit ?

Yes,we support the deposit. You can pay 50% of the order amount first, and then pay the remaining amount before the shipping.

Note: The deposit will not be refunded after receipt the approved drawing.


Q: How to Pay with Paypal without an Account ? 

Paypal supports checkout as guest. You can follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Select " Paypal " when checkout.
  2. Select " Checkout as Guest "
  3. Choose the cards from Visa, American express, MasterCard  according to your needs.


sinda paypal