SINDA SRH11-4TRM Handcrafted Black Stainless Steel Range Hood


Enjoy the endless beauty of SINDA SRH11-4TRM premium black stainless steel range hood. Mounting brushed straps and delicate rivets on the inclined plane underline the elegance of the black stainless steel body. Three straps installed on the apron show off its unique charms around the Kitchen. Aimed to offering the unparalleled range hoods, SINDA provide customed service including size, color, and styles according to all kinds of kitchen.

SINDA stainless steel range hood is handmade and seamless! Not only can it stand the test of time, but also aesthetically pleasing.

SINDA stainless steel range hood precisely grinds all the corners to seamless perfection. It requires very little maintenance, and will never rust or corrode.

The stainless steel range hood is still very popular in the kitchen industry! SINDA offers a variety of classical designs for you to choose from. Or, we can combine your ideas to customize a stainless steel range hood to create a unique masterpiece for you.


  • Width: Please choose the width of your stainless steel range hood to begin.
  • Height: Please choose the height you want after you choose the width.Ā 
  • Custom: If you want to order other sizes, welcome to customize. Please email us at


Ventilation OptionsĀ Ā (Please choose fromĀ 4 types of systems)

  • Internal Motor(Motor In Hood): Integrated ventilation system with motor and liner inside the range hood.
  • Remote Blower(Motor In Attic): The motor is not in the hood itself but positioned inside your ductwork, between the range hood and the end of your ducting. The remote blower is much quieter than the internal motor.
  • Recirculating Through Hood (Ductless Conversion): Recirculating cooker hoods recycle air back into the kitchen after removing grease and cooking odors, remote controller is included in the package.
  • Hood Only: Please send the dimension or specification of the vent to us by email after ordering, we will check for you if it is compatible with the hood cover.


sinda vent

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Ā Ā SINDA Stainless Steel Range Hood Installation Guide

Ā Ā SINDAĀ Insert Installation GuideĀ and User Manual

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