SINDA Traditional Copper Stove Hood - H30TR2


Our H30TR2 model is an exquisite pure copper stove hood, belonging to our handmade series. You will be attracted to its five-sided design, double crown, antique copper hammered body , perfect gentle curve shape and customizable straps & apron. It must be the highlight of your kitchen.

A kitchen is a place the family gathers every day. Why not add some color to turn your kitchen into a gourmet paradise?

SINDA copper range hood is not only the jewelry in your kitchen but also an important appliance to help your remove smoke, odor, and grease from the air in your kitchen.

Therefore you and your family can breathe easier and you can cook more comfortably.


  • Width: Please choose the width of your¬†copper range hood to begin.
  • Height:¬†Please choose the height you want after you¬†choose¬†the width.
  • Custom:¬†If you want to order other sizes, welcome to customize. Please¬†email us at¬†¬†



Ventilation Options  (Please choose from 4 types of systems)

  • Internal Motor(Motor In Hood): Integrated ventilation system with motor and liner inside the range hood.
  • Remote Blower(Motor In Attic): The motor is not in the hood itself but positioned inside your ductwork, between the range hood and the end of your ducting. The remote blower is much quieter than the internal motor.
  • Recirculating Through Hood (Ductless Conversion): Recirculating cooker hoods recycle air back into the kitchen after removing grease and cooking odors, remote controller is included in the package.
  • Hood Only: Please send the dimension or specification of the vent to us by email after ordering, we will check for you if it is compatible with the hood cover.

sinda vent

You may click here for more information about copper range hoods. 



SINDA Copper Range Hood Installation Guide

SINDA Insert Installation Guide and User Manual


Size Guide:

We recommended copper range hood should be 30"- 36" above the cooktop and copper range hood width should be the same width as a cooktop or up to 6" large.

Elect for a range hood depth that is the same or less than your cooktop depth.

Here's a picture showing you how to choose the right size.

sinda copper size guide

sinda copper size guide 1


Before purchasing a copper range hood make sure you measure the space.

Apron Pattern

sinda apron

sinda apron

Apron Pattern Placement



SINDA will provide free finish sample to ensure you get the actual colors and textures of copper products.

Order free sample, please click here.

sinda finish

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About SINDA copper products:
  • Our copper product has been treated with a clear lacquer sealant that is tarnish resistant.
  • Do not use copper polish/cleaners, abrasive materials, acidic or abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals such as acetone, which will compromise the integrity of the integrity of the lacquer finish.

Items you will need:
  • Mild non-acidic liquid detergent or soap 
  • Soft non-abrasive cotton cloth 
  • Warm water

Maintenance process:

Use warm water, mild non-acidic liquid detergent or soap and soft non-abrasive cotton cloth to remove any grease or grime.


Sinda Copper offers the following warranty from the date of purchase:
  • The lifetime warranty for copper hood cover

  • 2–year limited warranty for the hood liner/insert

  • 10–year limited warranty for the motor/blower

  • 1-year limited warranty for the copper kitchen sink