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Ducted VS Ductless Range Hood

If you’re thinking of setting a new kitchen or upgrading your kitchen, the key things you need consider what type of range hood your will need. The ducted range hood and ductless range hood are the most widely used range hoods in the kitchen. Which type hood should you buy? Most homeowners will consider the ducted range hood or ductless range hood.

Ducted VS Ductless Range Hood

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  Moisture and Heat: A ducted range hood tend to be more efficient for getting rid of steam and heat from the cooking area due to the fact they are not actually filtering and recirculating the air, but are instead venting it out of the home completely.


  Cooking Smells: Since a ducted range hood vents all air out directly outside, most of the cooking smells are sent with it. But a ductless range hood can only filter out some of the smell, but much more of that strong smell will remain to spread through the house.


  Installation location: A ducted range hood should be installed in an area where a duct system is already installed to keep the polluted air out of your kitchen. However, if you do not have a duct in place, you may need to weigh the cost and benefits. But a ductless range hood can be installed nearly anywhere in the kitchen.


Maintenance: A ducted range hood requires less maintenance. For the ductless range hoods, you need to clean or change the activated charcoal filter about once or twice a year to maintain their performance.


In short, there is no best range hood, only more suitable for your own range hood. Considering oneself needs, combining the above points, choose a type of range hood that is more suitable for you.

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