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Are copper farmhouse sink still in style?

The copper farmhouse sinks add a rustic and more comforting aesthetic for homes that is hard to find elsewhere. So, it’s undeniable that farmhouse sinks have always been in style.

If you’re thinking about choosing a farmhouse sink for your kitchen, here’s what else you should know.
Generally speaking, the three colors of natural copper, antique copper and oil rubbed bronze are more common. Which color sink is more match for your kitchen depends on your kitchen style. Oil rubbed bronze farmhouse sink is more suitable for modern style kitchens, while natural and antique copper can be used for a more classic approach, adding in that farmhouse feel.

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Copper farmhouse sink come in three different shapes (rectangular, rounded front, rounded back), designed to fit different kitchen.

sink shape

The size of your kitchen largely determines the size of the copper farmhouse sink. You may need to remove and replace countertops and remodel part of your kitchen to make the sink fit. The average height of the sink is 9 -10 inches, and the width is generally between 28 - 40 inches.

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