How To Choose A Custome Copper Range Hood?

Want to choose a handmade copper hood for your kitchen but have no idea where to start? Today, let SINDA gives you some inspiration in customizing your own copper range hood.

As we all know that the copper range hood is very popular in the kitchen industry! Whether you're remodeling an existing kitchen or building a new one from the ground up, you will definitely need a copper range hood.  

  • Several points when choose the range hood:
  1. Making sure that you have the correct size for your range.
  2. Also, the total height above the range is important to functionality and how it looks. We recommended copper range hood should be 30"- 36" above the cooktop and copper range hood width should be the same width as a cooktop or up to 6" large. Elect for a range hood depth that is the same or less than your cooktop depth. Here's a picture showing you how to choose the right size.
  3. Some things that affect height recommendations are the size of the custom range hood, kitchen size and height of the primary person who is doing the cooking.
  • Copper Range Hood insert

The insert is an incredibly significant aspect of your custom range hood. We will recommend after knowing the amount of cooking you plan on doing, how quiet you would like the system to be and any other considerations that go into selecting the right insert.

  • Textures

SINDA Copper offers over 100 different range hood styles for you choice. There is no doubt that you will get your dream range hood. Once you have the size, insert and texture, color picked out, it is time for our artisans to begin hand pounding your custom range hood masterpiece!

  • High Quality

There is much variance in quality of custom copper range hoods available on the market today. An important factor is the thickness of the copper. Without the use of proper copper thickness, your range hood will not have durability and strength. Each product of SINDA uses high-quality 16 Gauge copper and you can always rely on our professional standard!

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