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Want to know how a range hood works!

1.Unpack the copper hood and the vent liner.


2.Remove the stainless steel baffle filters from the vent liner.

3.Remove the stainless steel square bar on back opening of copper hood. Once the bar is removed the back ends of the copper opening may bend in slightly. Simply press apart these side panels at the back during install to allow the appropriate room for the vent liner.

4.There are strips of copper that line the Backside of the copper hood. Drive screws with washers through any part of these back copper
strips into the wall (ceiling) and through the crown strips into the top plate, ceiling trusses, and or floor joist above if applicable. Ideally you want at least two screws on each side, one top and one bottom, into wooden or metal studs. Molly screws can be used to tighten the hood to the wall only if screws can be placed into studs through the crown strips. For island hoods, you will only screw through the crown stripping; try to have 2 screws per each length, a total of 8 screws driven through the crown stripping into the ceiling trusses or floor joists overhead. It is better to use 1x4 or 2x4 wooden strips with washers inside the crown flange. Drill through the wood, pinching the copper ceiling flange to the ceiling, while the screws drive through the wood, flange and into the ceiling lumer.

5.Make sure the flex duct and wiring (most liner vents are with plugs and some are with wiring only, please email us support@sindacopper.com or call 1-855-918-0888 to check if needed) are hanging within the hood at this point. Your Flex may come through the top opening of the hood or the wall behind the hood, the same is true of the wiring.

6.Hold the vent liner(with the filters removed), in place just under the hood opening.

7.Attach the flex duct to the hole on top of vent liner with ducting tape and wire nut all the wires together.

8.Push the vent liner into the hood aligning the vent liner with the interior frame of the copper hood as desired.

9.Use self tapping screws to drill through the inside of the vent liner into the copper frame of the hood. Make sure not to puncture the outside of the hood.

10.Once the vent liner is in place, put the baffle filters back in the vent liner and the install is complete.

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