Tuscan H7 Series Copper Range Hood

SINDA copper range hood collection

Tuscan H7 Series copper range hood is a piece of art. Tuscan's curved design is meant to inspire meals as colorful as the countryside of this copper range hood's namesake city. Featured with a clean lines design with a customizable apron design, it's gonna satisfy all your fantasies about a range hood. Custom your Tuscan copper range hood right now at SINDA.

Mounting Type: Wall Mount Range Hood, Island Mount Range Hood, Under Cabinet Range Hood

Ventilation Options:

Internal Motor Vs Remote Blower Vs Recirculating Through Hood (Ductless Conversion)

Free Standard Shipping IN THE U.S: 8-10 Weeks Delivery after Receipt of Approved Hood Drawings. Free standard door-to-door shipping within the United States.

Expedited Shipping Available Worldwide: 5-7 Weeks Delivery after Receipt of Approved Hood Drawings. Express Shipping is Available in Canada and Other Countries.

More Info: Size Guide; Buying Guide; Free Samples; Apron and Finishes Design; Installation Guide; Maintenance Information